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Automate It
November 29, 2015

Automated machines are taking over our lives. They're not the scary robots you see in movies, but more and more of today's technology — from smart phones to airplanes — is automated. But do we want to give machines so much control?


Short Stories
November 08, 2015

Short stories can be harder to write than novels, but just as great. This week, four writers who’ve mastered the art of the short story join us to celebrate the form and share new work.

Mr. Moneybags Monopoly graffiti

Check Your Privilege
October 18, 2015

Checking someone else’s privilege can be a form of hostility. Checking your own can be an act of humility. Does anyone actually benefit from talking about privilege? This hour, the benefits and drawbacks of talking about privilege.

A healing hand

Healing Trauma
July 05, 2015

As terrible as it sounds, most of us will go through something traumatic at some point in our lives. The experience can be deeply isolating and crushing, but it doesn't have to be. 

At the fair

Amusement Parks
May 17, 2015

It doesn't matter whether you grew up going to Coney Island, Six Flags, or Pacific Park — to a kid, all amusement parks are magical. This hour we take a trip to the land of funnel cake, freak shows and fast rides.

Person walks in front of light wall.

Philip K. Dick
January 20, 2013

Is this Philip K. Dick's world and are we just living in it? It sure seems like it these days. This hour, we explore his life and work.